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Tashell Dawson | Academics, Culture and Community Service

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Sixteen-year-old Tashell Dawson enjoys giving back to the Cayman Brac community. She has worked hard to develop an outstanding academic record throughout her time as a Layman E. Scott High School (LSHS) student. Having been a prefect and former student council president, she values opportunities to volunteer her support for school- and community-based activities. Tashell has represented LSHS at various national events, including last year’s Child Month panel discussion, and as a guest on the YouthFlex talk show during a special Child Month edition.

Her academic excellence includes the completion of nine (9) CXC’s and one (1) IGCSE examination, passed with top-tier results. Currently, she is progressing in her studies at the University College of the Cayman Islands through their dual enrollment programme. She continues to shine both as a student and in extracurricular activities.

The former National Youth Cook-Off champion is also a member of the Leos Club of Cayman Brac, serving as director. Tashell was a past Junior Achievement company president and a former member of the Advisory Board for the Cayman Brac branch of the Youth2Youth Programme.

She actively participates in church events and volunteers by providing leadership and assistance at weekly Kings’ Kids youth meetings and other youth-focused initiatives such as Vacation Bible School. Her leadership skills have aided her in reaching the youth within her community, and demonstrate a commitment to empowering others.

In her spare time, Tashell works in various family-owned businesses and has made it her mission to create a greater sense of school spirit amongst the students of LSHS by organising several events to cultivate togetherness among her peer group.

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