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Aryana Grant | Academics & Sports

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Graduating from high school with high honours, Aryana Grant was a recipient of the Cayman Islands Government scholarship, and the IMAC Linda Haddleton and KPMG Novelette Ebanks scholarships. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science and a master’s degree in Actuarial Management abroad.

Currently employed as a Staff Analyst at KPMG in the Financial Risk Management department, Aryana aspires to become a Senior Manager one day. Driven by her passion for Mathematics, Aryana’s primary goal is to complete her professional exams to become an Associate Actuary and then a Fellow Actuary within the following four (4) years. She aims to be a leading voice in the Insurance Industry and to use this platform to continue inspiring fellow Caymanians to pursue careers in Mathematics and Statistics.

Being a member of the Cayman Islands National Netball Team since 2018, Aryana’s most notable achievement in sports was being the Captain of the team at the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers in Jamaica. She enjoys playing netball locally with her club team (AllStars), which she has been a member of since the age of 16. Recognising the significance of sports in her own life, Aryana intends to remain actively involved in the development of Netball within the Cayman Islands, by assisting with coaching and mentoring young players.

She enjoys reading, dancing and tutoring students in Mathematics and Economics. Her free time is spent with friends and family, who have always rallied behind her endeavors. She considers herself to be more than the sum of her sports and academic achievements. Aryana is the product of caring parents, attentive teachers, strong mentors, supportive friends and most importantly: self-belief. She believes her journey has inspired Cayman’s youth and will use the Proud of Them platform to continue making a positive impact and motivating others to reach for their dreams, by overcoming any and all obstacles.

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