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Stephon Wright | Career

Stephon Wright is the true epitome of excellence. During his tenure at John Gray High School, Stephon finished among the top 10 students in his class. With his drive and academic ability, he later graduated from the University College of The Cayman Islands with an Associate degree in Accounting

In hopes of aspiring to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Stephon later attained a scholarship from PricewaterhouseCoopers’s (PwC). This scholarship is awarded to a bright young Caymanian who excels in areas of academia and community service. Stephon continued to further his education at Kennesaw State University in Atlanta, when he graduated with this bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

Upon returning home Stephon received fulltime employment at PwC as an audit associate in insurance and funds. After two years of hard work he passed the CPA exam and received his credentials as a certified accountant at the age of 23. Now in his third year at PwC, Stephon was promoted to Senior Associate in February 2019.

Stephon was involved with the Junior Achievement Program during high school. Similarly, he now mentors adolescents within this program.

In his free time, Stephon is committed tobsports and community service; passions that he developed during his years as a student at JGHS. As head of the PwC’s basketball and softball teams in Cayman’s Corporate League, colleagues look up to him for his wholehearted efforts in everything he sets out to accomplish.

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