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Raegan Rutty | Sports

Raegan Rutty showcases the diligence of a world-class athlete with meticulously executed gymnastic routines. She became devoted to the sport at the early age of four and became a member of the national gymnastics team at the age of 13. She has since trained between 25 to 35 hours a week while maintaining above average grades, and graduating high school with a 3.8 GPA.

The 19-year-old is very well-travelled. In 2015, Raegan competed at Gymnix in Montreal, Canada, the Junior Commonwealth Games in Namibia, and the Caribbean Championships in Barbados. Following that year, her participation in sporting competitions included the Inter-Island Games in Ynys Mon, Anglesey, Wales, the Junior PanAm Championships in Bolivia and the Caribbean Championships in Jamaica. In 2017 Raegan competed at the Central American Sports Festival in Guatemala and at the Senior PanAm Championships in Peru.

Raegan’s substantial successes in these sporting activities propelled her participation in the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia, CAC Games (Columbia), the PanAm Games (Peru) and the World Championship (Qatar). In 2019, she represented the Cayman Islands at the Senior PanAm Championships in Brazil.

Raegan applies the same unstoppable determination to her academics. She currently studies psychology at the University of Florida. Her focus on achieving her sporting goal has made Raegan a role model to her peers inside and outside of the sporting community. Disciplined and ambitious, she has motivated other youth to pursue their goals, and encouraged them to take a sporting chance on their own abilities and talents.

She continues to inspire young people to similarly reach for their dreams, no matter how big, by overcoming setbacks, believing in oneself and achieving their personal and professional goals.

At the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, Raegan became the first-ever Caymanian Olympic gymnast and was the third Caymanian athlete to qualify for those Games. She enjoys sharing her journey to the Olympic Games.

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