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Neesah Godet | Academics

Neesah is an ambitious young woman with the track record to prove it. After graduating from Cayman Prep High school, she wasted no time in pursuing her Associates of Arts Degree in Social Studies at the University College of Cayman Islands (UCCI).

Neesah not only graduated with Honours but was the recipient of the Student of the Year Award in Social Studies. After graduating from UCCI, she enrolled in the University of Tampa. There she received her BA in Sociology with a minor in Studio Arts, graduating with Magna Cum Laude Honours; Neesah was also accepted into the Phi Kappa Phi Honours Society and the Alpha Kappa Delta Sociological Society.

Following her 2017 graduation, Neesah began her Masters in Community and Economic Development through the Pennsylvania State University.

Having interests in research and economics, Neesah wanted to combine her sociological skills with economic analysis to provide practical solutions for communities in need. In conjunction, Neesah was hired full-time as a Policy Analyst (trainee) with the Anti-Money Laundering Unit in the Portfolio of Legal Affairs where she has contributed research and statistical support, as well as assisting in writing important publications.

Although working full-time, Neesah worked hard to develop her Master’s Thesis Paper on "Women's Poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean: Implications for Community and Economic Development." She used her lunch breaks to study and work on her thesis; she not only completed her paper but also received excellent feedback from her professors and hopes to get it published in an academic journal. At age 22, she graduated with her Masters in 2019 (3.9 GPA). Additionally, Neesah is a Cayman National Football player, a photographer and painter.

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