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Natalia McCoy | Academics

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Natalia McCoy is excelling at academics with an impressive track record of success. At John Gray High School, when she was only 15-years-old, Natalia earned 11 grade one CXC passes. She attributed this academic excellence to time management, keeping a healthy work-life balance, setting small goals to achieve the big ones, and actively engaging her teachers in her learning journey. She also completed her CAPE level examinations in Caribbean Studies and Communication Studies. Natalia applies this ‘can-do’ attitude to all academic assignments and works rigorously to achieve top results.

In 2017, she was one of three DART Minds Inspired Scholarship finalists. Chosen as the Caribbean Utilities Company 2019 scholarship recipient, Natalia completed her A-levels in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics at Cayman Prep and High School. She readily assisted when asked to provide in-class support during biology and physics classes.

Natalia has supplemented her academics with an equally rigorous pursuit of community-service involvement. From an early age, Natalia was a regular volunteer with the Pink Ladies Volunteer Corp at the George Town Hospital, managing the cash register and helping in any capacity required.

She was also an active member of her Pathfinder youth group at the Filadelfia Seventh-Day Adventist Church, taking part in various volunteer projects in the community. She enjoyed participating in the annual Earth Day Clean-Up and visiting older persons before the pandemic.

At 19-years old, Natalia demonstrates leadership; by working hard and practising perseverance and empathy. Currently taking a five-year master’s course in biomedical engineering at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, Natalia chose this field to make a difference in people’s lives. Biomedical engineers use their understanding of how the human body works and their technical knowledge of engineering, mathematics, mechanics, nanotechnology and programming to allow patients to live happier and healthier lives.

Natalia’s dream is to build a career developing prosthetic limbs to give people with disabilities a better range of mobility and independence.

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