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Mohyndra Brown | Career, Culture and Community Service

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Mohyndra Brown is a former member and past president of the Cayman Islands Youth Assembly and served as a peer mentor at Clifton Hunter High School. Despite her dyslexia, she has been relentless in the pursuit of her goals and aspirations. While she has been involved in various extracurricular activities, her love of cooking is most pronounced.

She began her culinary journey in her grandmother’s kitchen, learning traditional Caymanian dishes such as stew whelks. Her desire to celebrate, elevate and preserve traditional Caymanian cuisines led Mohyndra to pursue a career in the culinary field. She is a four- time winner of the North Side District Culinary Championship and placed second in the National Youth Cook-Off in 2018. She was a recipient of The Tanya Foster award for excellence in the culinary arts, eventually winning the National Youth Cook-Off that year. She has also excelled regionally, winning bronze at the culinary Junior Dueling challenge in Barbados in 2018.

While at the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre, Mohyndra graduated in 2019 as valedictorian. Her achievements included serving as a past president of the Cayman Youth Toastmasters Club.

Her enthusiasm for youth participation has energized and positively influenced many young people, including the guests and crew of the YouthFlex talk-show where Mohyndra was a host and producer. Over the years, Mohyndra has also volunteered with the National Youth Culinary Programme and the Youth Services Unit.

Her momentum in the hospitality industry was furthered when Mohyndra worked as a tour guide and completed a three-year internship at the Ritz-Carlton. Her notable career advancements over the last four years have made Mohyndra well on her way to achieving her dream of opening a restaurant. With the help of scholarships from the Department of Tourism and the Women in White Culinary Organisation, she is now studying for a Bachelor’s in Culinary Arts with a minor in Business at the Business and Hotel Management School in Luzern, Switzerland.

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