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Meisha Thompson | Community Service

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

23-year-old Meisha Thompson is a proud Caymanian who hails from the district of George Town. She is presently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing at the University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI). She is only a few months away from achieving her dream career goal. Throughout her educational journey Meisha developed a passion for her community, as she was privileged to be involved in numerous voluntary activities, which gave her a better appreciation for the elderly and her beloved Cayman Islands.

In 2020 Meisha spearheaded a recycle campaign entitled “Recycle It Right,” through the UCCI Circle-K Programme. She undertook the initiative based on her belief that recycling plays a key role in the upkeep of our islands. Students identifying the importance of these beautification efforts, could also lead to generating future income for our country. In addition, Meisha’s club hosted a car wash and fundraising drive to benefit the Cancer Society. It was a major success and represented one of many noble causes that would encourage other youth to be more actively involved in the caretaking of our community.

Meisha was raised in a home with an upbringing based on strong Christian values that played an integral role throughout her life’s journey. She embraces the strong black woman she is today and considers herself a very committed and caring citizen who strives to excel in all she pursues.

Meisha is an ‘active’ citizen; who takes great joy making an imprint in every area of the community where possible. This attitude comes naturally to her, as does helping others (particularly the elderly and most vulnerable.) The foundations of her character have been built by a desire to – through the grace of God – continue modeling our “Caymankind characteristics” for current and future generations to emulate.

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