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Matthew Bodden | Community Service

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Matthew Bodden is currently a high school student in his last year at Cayman International School. With a talent for taking a hands-on approach to learning and involvement in his local community; his future plans entail pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice as he works towards his goal of becoming a Law Enforcement Officer.

Matthew has always had a passion for being a part of something bigger than himself, wanting to help others, and ensuring that he lives a life that he can be proud of. Being involved in various community service initiatives is one-way that Matthew fulfils his life’s plan. Cayman provides a close-knit community that has a relatively low crime level, and a variety of ways to socialise.

Matthew feels there is no better place to call home. With this ethos, he considers his contributions to the country to be a direct reflection of his late mother whose incredible work ethic, “go-getter” mentality, and desire to put others first, have been his greatest inspiration to improve the world around him. Driven to live in her legacy, Matthew volunteers as a way of saying “thank you.” Determined to give back, Matthew works to match his mother’s legacy of dedication and kindness.

Staying active in his community has included Matthew’s participation in various events organised by Kelly Holding Ltd., including charity runs and the Cayman Islands Marathon, and being a CUC Primary Football League Referee. Within school, Matthew serves as a Student Ambassador, Debate Moderator, and Child Programme Volunteer. Putting time towards helping and benefiting other people gives him a satisfaction that cannot be achieved by doing anything else. As a Proud of Them Honouree, Matthew aspires to keep giving back to the Cayman Islands and to inspire other youth to do so as well.

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