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Manusri Prabhakar | Business

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Manusri Prabhakar is currently studying a Legal Practice Course with a Master’s in Law at the University of Law in Bristol. She most recently graduated from the University of Liverpool (TBLS) with a First-Class degree. She received the Liverpool Association Prize in Year 2 at TBLS for achieving the highest grades in her class, and again in Year 3 she received the Dean’s Prize II for achieving the highest marks. Manusri graduated from TBLS in 2023 as class valedictorian and was also awarded the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce Prize and the Cayman Islands Legal Practitioners Association (CILPA) Tim Shea Memorial Prize. She is striving to one day become a successful lawyer and a partner at a law firm in Cayman.

In 2022, Manusri started a small business called ‘Eco Eats’ to offer edible cutlery as a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic options. She scoured the market to find alternatives that would assist in tackling the depleting environment and single-use plastic pollution, while meeting the needs of the community. Foster’s Food Fair, Jessie’s Juice Bar, and Peachwave have been her largest collaborators to date.

Additionally, she has supported local events with reducing plastic waste. Notably, Eco Eats has supplied edible cutlery and straws to the Street Food Festival in 2022 and 2023, the Sea Food Festival in 2023, and the Margarita Festival in 2022 and 2023. The edible cutlery has been a great crowd pleaser, and has prompted consumers to consider the small habits that help us protect Cayman’s natural splendor.

Cayman is a where Manusri calls home and she is beyond honoured to be a ‘Proud of Them’ Honouree. She plans to give back to her community by continuing her volunteer work at beach clean-ups and various community service activities where she offers advice and guidance to any young Caymanians who wish to start their own business; and to preserve our island landscape.

Special thanks to the Cayman Islands Government Office in the UK for their support with video coordination.

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