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LaShawn Syms | Business

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Twenty-five-year old LaShawn Syms is one of Cayman Brac’s youngest entrepreneurs. Known by many as a hardworking and dedicated individual, LaShawn enjoys motivating others to reach their fullest potential by connecting through her church youth group, mainly to young persons who express an interest in opening their own business. Keen to see their ideas become real-world innovations, LaShawn has always demonstrated a drive to encourage others.

As a proud alumna of John Gray High School’s class of 2014, LaShawn was a prefect, peer counsellor, and an avid participant in the Cayman Islands Youth Assembly and Youth Parliament. With a strong sense of community and civic duty, she was also an active member of the Kiwanis Club and a former member of the youth arm of the People’s Progressive Movement.

Today LaShawn is the proud owner of The Baby Boutique, the only such store on the Sister Islands. Having identified this as an urgent need a few years ago, LaShawn left her friends and family in Grand Cayman and moved to the Brac, where she immediately began working to make her dream a reality. As a result, not only has she made life easier for parents on the Brac, but she also offers delivery of her products to customers on Little Cayman, the first service of its kind to be offered to its residents.

Since opening her business in Spot Bay, LaShawn’s store has increased traffic to the area, revitalising the once vibrant, bustling community and inspiring other young entrepreneurs by raising awareness of the conditions that make the Brac ideal for developing new small businesses and investing in the ingenuity of Brac youth.

LaShawn has built her business from the ground up while working full-time at Cayman Airways. She is currently studying business administration part-time at the University College of the Cayman Islands Cayman Brac campus.

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