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Kristina Powell | Academics

Kristina Powell is a 24-year-old who is ambitious and driven, particularly in the areas of academics and with regard to her career, a cybersecurity and management information systems expert whose academic qualifications are particularly impressive.

As an undergraduate scholarship recipient, Kristina attended the University of Tampa where she studied Management Information Systems and maintained a 3.86 GPA. While completing her programme, she also sat the Information Systems Analyst certification from the Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals, which she was awarded upon graduation. She received the Dean’s list award multiple times and was inducted into three honours societies during her undergraduate education for her major academic accomplishments in IT and Business.

Most recently, Kristina graduated from the University of South Florida with a Master of Science in Cybersecurity and a 4.0 GPA. In June, she became GIAC Cyber Threat Intelligence certified after spending the previous six months preparing.

While continuing her education, she also worked full-time as an Applications & Network Support Specialist at the Water Authority – Cayman. Although only having spent a relatively short time with the company, she took on the impressive challenge of acting as the Application Support Manager for the past 10 months and has since completed a major company-wide software upgrade.

This year during the Coronavirus lockdown, she decided to start an academic and career blog called The “K” Word ( to motivate, inspire, and assist students and recent graduates throughout their academic and career journey. The “K” Word gives her a channel to help others in similar situations by sharing her stories and experiences.

Throughout school and university, Kristina prided herself on academic excellence and continues to demonstrate the same traits of determination and precision in her career.

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