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Kianda Parchmont | Business

Twenty-two-year-old Kianda Parchmont has created a successful party and events company out of nothing, her entrepreneurship, hard work and creativity earning her a well-deserved place on the Proud of Them podium.

A creative young lady who has a burning zeal and passion for arts and craft, Kianda began her business model by making balloon arrangements, free of charge, for friends and family as a hobby. It was at this point Kianda realised that she had a passion for all things creative and that it could propel her into a fully-fledged business. Prompted by friends two years ago, she obtained a Trade and Business Licence to begin her party planning/event management and consulting business and this young entrepreneur has not looked back since.

Displaying a dedication and discipline way beyond her years, Kianda has expanded her business service offering to include weddings of all sizes, centre pieces, parties, large balloon garlands and custom t-shirt printing. She also advises companies and provides consulting and implementation services for large scale events, company rebrands and interdepartmental birthday celebrations.

Recently, Kianda has widened her product line even further to include a whole host of party paraphernalia.

Her peers, clients and customers always praise her for her hard work and commitment.

Recently extending her business offering, Kianda has put her creativity to great use and also makes beautiful cups from scratch, a brilliant addition to her party services.

Her work can be viewed on FaceBook ThePlanItStudio.KY1 and Instagram @theplanitstudio.ky1

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