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Josani Burke | Academics

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Josani Burke is a fierce competitor in academics and athletics. Throughout her school years she has honed a passion for art, more specifically in Technical Drawing (TD) and Industrial Building Technology (Construction) classes; along with other initiatives that emphasize leadership and advocacy. In life, she pursues a well-rounded balance through sports and physical education. Having consistently received top marks and high honour passes in her final examinations; Josani also attained the Vocational Award and Sports Award at her LSHS graduation ceremony.

Josani’s extra-curricular involvement started at a young age. In Year 7 she was elected as Class Student Council representative, where she acted as an advocate and sought out the best for her peers. Through the revamped inaugural Student Government Association, Josani was elected as Public Relations Officer, due to her natural ability to connect with students and converse with the teaching/senior management team. Other extracurricular highlights included representing her school in a variety of competitions and serving as the Junior Achievement cohort President, winning President of the Year (2023) after a successful and profitable venture.

Josani has received numerous academic achievements, subject awards and NCFA awards during her school years. She recalls her most cherished moment as the time that she met her goal of qualifying as an honours graduate because she was able to exceed that and stand as a High Honour Graduate at Graduation.

Josani has now taken her education goals further and is currently attending UCCI in Grand Cayman after having completed the Dual Enrolment programme at LSHS. Her goal is to continue her involvement as she hopes to serve as a mentor and support for youth.

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