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Joelyn Scott | Academics

Would-be lawyer Joelyn Scott’s path to success began early on in her academic life, when she obtained an impressive 10 CXC passes (all at grade 1 and 2 level) upon graduating from Cayman Academy High School in 2017.

Joelyn took on many different roles at high school, including becoming deputy head girl, prefect, student council member and class chaplain. She diligently served each post, lending a helping hand to students who were in need of encouragement, even helping to tutor many of her classmates when they needed an academic or even a personal boost. Speaking to Joelyn’s self-driven and motivated nature, she ultimately was awarded as the graduating class’s Salutatorian in which she received a total of 13 academic and school community awards and was also deemed an honour graduate.

From there, this Cayman Islands Law School student went on to complete her Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts at the International College of the Cayman, as her dream is to be a practicing attorney within the Cayman Islands.

Taking just one and a half years to complete her further education at ICCI, Joelyn earned her Associate degree with a perfect GPA score of above 4.0, attaining As in all subjects covered in her degree plan.

Now, at age 20, Joelyn is enrolled in the University of Liverpool/Truman Bodden Law School locally and is a recipient of the Government Local Scholarship. Although only two months into her law studies, Joelyn has already accrued the posts of first year student representative and Cayman Islands Legal Practitioners Association assistant student representative.

A determined, focused, organised and kind-hearted individual, Joelyn finds delight in being better than the day before, a characteristic she has held dear since young and which has allowed her to achieve such great success in her academic journey so far.

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