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Davor Bonilla | Community Service

Twenty-four-year old Davor Bonilla has been a member of the Cayman Islands Cadet Corps for more than 11 years. His love of the ocean led him to participate in the Corps’ Annual Marine Camp/Drill in Plymouth (UK) in 2013 and the Corp’s 2014 Caribbean Camp in Jamaica. While attending Triple C School, Davor lent his support to cadet projects and various community service opportunities. He was also the treasurer for his high school Key Club and engaged in track and field activities.

While attending Riverside Military Academy in Gainsville, Georgia (USA), Davor became a second lieutenant/platoon leader for the Corp’s. He completed numerous courses and certifications, facilitated hours of cadet training, and participated in community projects.

As a certified commercial pilot working with the Cayman Islands Airport Authority, Davor oversees the Corp’s Marine Detachment and teaches flight skills to cadets as a US Federal Aviation certified ground instructor. In addition to this, he volunteers with cadet camps, transport, office duties, and weekend training.

Davor’s volunteer efforts also extend to the wider community, where he assists with church services, beach clean-ups, local marathons and specific support to organisations such as the YMCA.

Davor demonstrates a continued willingness to offer his skills in service of the community. In 2020, at the onset of the pandemic, he volunteered with the National Emergency Operations Centre’s (NEOC) Hotel COVID-19 Quarantine Programme, assisting with overnight support at hotel facilities and passenger management for repatriation flights.

He has also served as a call taker with the NEOC Communications Centre during natural disasters. In 2021, he became a sub-lieutenant with the Corps. Despite losing his father at a young age, Davor has shown resilience and citizenship and is a role model to his peers and the wider community.

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