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Davonte Howell | Academics & Sports

Updated: Jan 4

18-year-old Davonte Howell is an accomplished young sprinter currently attending the University of Tennessee on a Track scholarship, pursuing a degree in Computer Science. This year, Davonte will be competing with his university’s team at a variety of competitions across the United States, and against some of the best athletes in the world who are his age and older.

In 2023, Davonte competed in the Caribbean Free Trade Association (CARIFTA) Games, winning a 100-metre gold medal. He prides this achievement for both him and the Cayman Islands. He believes that this shows that our country is taking steps forward together, and creating history. Davonte also represented the country at the World U20 Track and Field meet in Colombia at only 16 years old. He was one of the youngest athletes at the meet.

Davonte prides himself on being an overachiever both on and off the track. He has obtained 15 CSEC subject passes, with grade one and two over his high school career. He has also achieved a Microsoft Office Specialist certification which has enhanced his university studies.

Davonte aspires to compete at the 2024 Olympics and to break the 10-second barrier, which only a few athletes have done at his age (as this physical feat entails completing the 100 metres sprint in under 10 seconds). He intends to help coach up-and-coming athletes and students in the Cayman Islands. Davonte wishes to reach with a helping hand to get them up the ladder of success, so that things are not as hard for them as it was for him.

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