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Cassiedy Davis Quintero | Culture

Cassiedy’s passion for the performing arts is leading her into an exciting career in the world of dance, with professional dance school beckoning. This talented 20-year-old has been passionate about dance from a young age, finding it the perfect means by which to express herself.

Joining the UCCI Dance Group in 2016, Cassiedy took courses in Performance and Technique and Dance Composition alongside her required modules, gaining As. At UCCI, she auditioned for the Cayman Islands Carifesta XIII Dance Contingency, arranged by Cayman National Cultural Foundation, and represented Cayman in Barbados for the festival in 2017. Given her stellar performance, she was selected for Carifesta XIV in Trinidad and Tobago in 2019.

However, Cassiedy’s extracurricular involvement is not only limited to dance. While at UCCI, she was an active member of the Interact Club of Grand Cayman, a Rotary Sponsored Club. Despite the time commitment that these activities required, Cassiedy still excelled in her academic pursuits, completing her Associate Degree in Business Administration.

During the three years she has been dancing as a member of the senior dance company at Dreamchasers Cayman, Cassiedy was captain, regularly made costumes, and performed in events, progressing to Assistant Dance Instructor, teaching and choreographing students and also at the YMCA afterschool programme.

Cassiedy has also instructed her own dance workshop and during the mandatory island-wide lockdown earlier this year, she held classes for the company via Zoom, showing her passion as a dancer and her eagerness to share it with others. Above all, Cassiedy loves to serve as an ambassador of her country through performance. She participated in Dance Umbrella 2018 and 2019, a regional festival held annually in Jamaica, attending the show in March 2020 and in February she went to Miami for the Unir Showcase held by the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders.

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