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Recognizing the positive achievements
of Cayman’s youth

Ministry of Youth, Sports, Culture, & Heritage is seeking to publicly recognise the positive achievements of young people of the Cayman Islands in various areas. Each individual selected will be featured for twelve (12) months at a time on billboards established across the Cayman Islands.

Nominations are being sought for suitable young people between the ages of 10 and 25 years in the categories of Academics, Careers, Business, Sports, Culture or Community Service. Nominations are encouraged from every district, so that persons who are selected will have a direct, real, and relevant connection to young people from that particular district.

Let’s celebrate the success of our young ambassadors and let them be an inspiration to others!


ACADEMICS: Excelled or achieved exceptional attainment in an institution of learning.

CAREER: Excelled or achieved exceptional attainment in a chosen career.

BUSINESS: Demonstrated entrepreneurship in creating and developing a successful business.

SPORTS: Excelled or achieved exceptional attainment in the area of sports.

CULTURE: Achieved exceptional attainment in the area of cultural practice including the visual, performing, or traditional arts.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Demonstrated, through the spirit of voluntarism and selflessness, a passion for the betterment of his or her community and improving the standing of his fellow humanity.


To nominate an individual for one of the categories, complete this form and supply two references along with any evidence
that supports your nomination.

In making its selection the committee will look for evidence in the nominator documents which demonstrate that the nominee has the following characteristics:


  • Made a significant achievement in one of the categories.

  • Responsible and hard working.

  • Has a positive attitude with his/her peers.

  • Peers look up to and can rely on him/her and s/he takes a leadership role amongst peers.

  • Frequently participates in community events.

  • Resourceful and takes initiative.

  • Takes responsibility for actions.

  • Doesn’t give up and keeps on trying.

  • Does not allow his/her socio-economic conditions to dictate his/her level of achievement.

  • Encourages others to get involved and achieve.

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