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My Summer Internship

Summer 2023 was a busy time for the Youth Services Unit (YSU). Joined by two (2) interns: Ms. Roshan Toyloy-Ebanks and Ms. Yoleiddy Cid-Paredes, the YSU facilitated summer work experiences that tapped into their talents and developed new skills. Learn more about Roshan and Yoleiddy's summer experiences in their own words...

Roshan Toyloy-Ebanks

During the course of time interning at the YSU, I have learned about so many things, especially the amount of time and effort that goes into serving the youth! Alot of this happens behind-the-scenes.

For example, in June 2023 I did mostly administrative duties and got familiar with Excel, social media posting, video editing for podcasts, etc. In July and August, these office tasks continued; and I also got to go out the various summer camps (hosted by the Department of Sports) and help the YSU to deliver important life skills sessions and other activities. This included a dining etiquette training to help children learn to dine properly when going out to eat at a restaurant or work/scholarship interviews in the future.

Throughout the entire summer, my internship colleague and fellow student: Yoleiddy and I worked on proposing an intergenerational activity for both young and old to come together as a community, to paint and socialize. This event is planned to take place after my internship concludes, specifically in September at the Intergenerational Hub (the YSU's new location).

As I look back on all things I’ve done and learned, I realize what a great experience this has been. My biggest takeaway would be 'building relationships,' 'establishing contacts' and making lots of memories with the children we have interacted with this summer.

Mr. James Myles (Youth Services Coordinator) delivers a session at Grand Old House on etiquette to campers with the Department of Sport's Fitness & More Camp.

Yoleiddy Cid-Paredes

During my internship at the YSU, I was able to put my creative skills to use in a professional capacity. I had never previously been able to do that as a student. As a result, I have learned the behind-the-scenes view of event planning, design mapping for corporate spaces and the management of youth camps.

Being able to sit-in on corporate meetings provided me with a wider understanding of government handlings and details I never considered in my everyday life. I particularly enjoyed being able to bring my creativity into a problem-solving lens; and offer new ideas to the YSU about its programmes and events at the new office location at 131 MacLendon Drive.

In addition to this, the working environment at the YSU has always been welcoming and encouraged my creativity. As someone who has recently graduated from A-Levels, the team aided in providing a seamless transition to the workplace, which I am very appreciative of the support. As I prepare for university in the Fall, I have a new set of skills to draw on and can apply this thinking to my studies, along with my future career.

Mr. James Myles (Youth Services Coordinator) & Yoleiddy Cid-Paredes (Summer Intern) thank the team at ALT for their donation of painting supplies for an upcoming intergenerational youth activity slated to bring teens, parents and elderly family together to enjoy a creative workshop.

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