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A Tapestry of Culture

Ms. Rhonda Edie has been sharing history and culture with campers at the Department of Sports Fitness & More Summer Camp. Visiting two sessions of campers, Ms. Edie shared about rag-rug making and its relevance to Caymanian culture.

By taking part in Ms. Edie's demos, the campers have ensured they can learn a practical skill from the past and bring it to the present day. They have the technique, materials and about the resourcefulness of Cayman's elders who utilised these household products to beautify their space and ensure cleanliness when entering/exiting homes.

Like a tapestry, or clothing sewn one thread at a time; culture stays alive by practicing it in the present day.

Ms. Rhonda Edie works with youth to demonstrate the art of rag-rug making.

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