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Proud of Them Nominee Form

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Congratulations on your nomination for the Proud of Them Youth Awards!


The Ministry of Youth, Sports, Culture and Heritage seeks to publicly recognise the positive achievements of 15 young people of the Cayman Islands. Honourees will be featured on billboards established across the Cayman Islands.


Suitable young people between the ages of 10 and 25 years will be recognised in one (1) or two (2) awarding categories of Academics, Career, Business, Sports, Culture or Community Service. Nominations are encouraged from every district so that Honourees have a direct and relevant connection to young people in their community.


In 2023, to mark the 10-year Anniversary of the Proud of Them Awards, two (2) Nominees identified in the 16th and 17th place total scores will be designated as “Rising Stars.”


Please continue to review all notices related to the Proud of Them Awards, including:

  • Nomination Parameters

  • The Nomination Process

  • The Role of Nominators

  • Awarding Categories


After your review, you will be prompted to indicate that you have read all prior notices, and finally, you will complete your Proud of Them Nomination Form by uploading some information/evidence to support your nomination. 

Please note that this form and your uploaded documents CANNOT BE SAVED and revisited at a later date. To complete this process, you must upload all requested documents and ‘submit’. You can click here to see what documents are being requested (as these may vary based on the awarding category you are being nominated within).

Nomination Parameters

Please ensure that you meet the below parameters for all Nominees:


  • Are Caymanian or Have the Right to Be Caymanian

  • Are between the ages of 10 - 25 years old

  • Have demonstrated a high level of attainment or excellence in the Awarding Category (and as a Nominee you are willing to provide additional documentation/evidence to support this)

  • Understand that you cannot be nominated for more than the maximum of two (2) Awarding Categories (in Academics, Career, Business, Sports, Culture or Community Service)


Nomination Process

Members of the public have been encouraged to put forward nominations for exceptional Caymanian youth (such as you!)


The Nomination Process consists of these steps:

  1. Persons (Nominators) who would like to make a nomination for the Proud of Them Youth Awards, must review all notices and then complete the online Nomination Form ahead of the 29th September 2023. (Self-Nominations are permitted.)

  2. An automatic email is then sent to the Nominee (you will receive this anonymously). This email will explain that you (the Nominee) have been nominated by a community member; and also asks you to submit additional documents as evidence to support your nomination. These documents are required to “complete a nomination” and must be submitted (by you) on/before the deadline of 29th September 2023 (at 11:59PM.)

  3. Once these documents are submitted, a Selection Committee reviews your nomination and will determine the 15 Proud of Them Honourees, along with the 2 Rising Stars. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.


The Role of Nominees

The only requirement for Nominees (such as yourself) is to complete this Nomination Form by providing a short testimonial about why you deserve to be selected; submitting two (2) reference letters and listing any previous awards you may have received. You are also encouraged to submit additional information (however this is optional and you may select not to upload additional information.) Only short-listed youth will be contacted.


Awarding Categories

There are six (6) Proud of Them Awarding Categories. Please ensure that your youth is nominated for no more than the maximum of two (2). Below, you will see some of the criteria the Selection Committee is looking for from its candidates. This is guidance only and does not represent an exhaustive list:


  • a high-level of academic performance

  • exceptional attainment through an institution of learning

  • participation in academic initiatives/showcases and/or notable performance/representation at local/regional/international academic competitions


  • a high-level of athletic performance through extensive participation in athletic initiatives/teams and/or medaling in athletic competitions

  • or having exceptional attainment/representation at local/regional/international athletic competitions that raise the profile of Cayman Islands’ sporting


  • extensive participation in cultural practices/initiatives that preserve the heritage of the Cayman Islands

  • or exceptional representation at local/regional/international showcases

  • and/or exhibitions in the visual, performing, or traditional arts


  • notable success and acumen in a chosen career field

  • also demonstrate extensive career-development and/or mastery of that field


  • success in creating, developing and sustaining an entrepreneurial venture

  • or demonstrate the notable impact of their entrepreneurial venture

Community Services

  • substantial volunteerism to the Cayman Islands’ community through participation, leadership or involvement in community service projects or initiatives that promote social well-being and community betterment



For fairness and consistency, the following Quality Markers are used to broadly evaluate all nominations across the Awarding Categories (i.e. Academics, Career, Business, Sports, Culture or Community Service).


The following Quantity Markers are MANDATORY for all nominations:

  • References: You are required to upload two (2) Reference Letters.

  • Awards: You must list 1-3 Awards you have achieved that show proof of significant accomplishments, excellence or achievement. I.e. may include Trophies, Awards Certificates and other forms of commendation.


The following Quantity Markers are OPTIONAL for all nominations. You can choose to complete this section to share more information about the organisations/clubs you are involved in, the impact you have made (in the Awarding Category) and how you have represented the Cayman Islands at showcases, competitions or in other major ways.


  • Membership: You can opt to list the names of 1-3 organisations you are involved in

  • Impact: You can list any events, activities or initiatives you have helped coordinate or you have been very involved in. These are activities where your engagement has made a lasting/significant contribution to the Awarding Category. Your dedication, attendance and involvement all demonstrate the big impact you have made.

  • Representation: You can opt to list any instances where you have been endorsed to represent the Cayman Islands at a substantial level, either locally/regionally/internationally through competitions, showcases or other formats that entail a competitive selection process. I.e. Share how you have represented the country, your community or school/university in a big way.

  • Miscellaneous: Feel free to upload 1-3 documents that can provide additional evidence to support your nomination as a Proud of Them Honouree.

Nominee Information

Please submit your information as follows

If your Nominee is a minor under the age of 18 years, please include the contact details of one (1) Parent/Guardian
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