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Lucas McField | Career and Community Service

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Twenty-five-year old Lucas McField hails from Bodden Town. Following the successful completion of his studies in Hospitality Management at the University College of the Cayman Islands, Lucas pursued an internship opportunity with the Cayman National Bank, where he discovered his passion for human resource development after being introduced to the application of HR principles and practices.

Lucas was then awarded an overseas scholarship by the Cayman Islands Government to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Management at the University of Tampa (UT), graduating Cum Laude in 2018. While at UT, Lucas served as the vice president of the Caribbean Students Association, which hosted numerous events for the student body, including leadership and mentorship programmes. Such extracurricular initiatives sparked an abiding interest in volunteerism that stays with him to this day.

Lucas currently works with Cayman First Insurance, where he started as a human resources officer. With consistent hard work and dedication, he reached a significant career milestone when promoted to assistant manager of human resources in January 2021.

He is also an active member of the Cayman Islands Society of Human Resource Professionals. Having earned a locally recognised certification through his involvement with that professional body, Lucas is currently pursuing the Professional Human Resources International certification from the Human Resources Certification Institute.

Lucas frequently volunteers his time to organisations such as the Cayman Islands Humane Society and local palliative care provider Jasmine. One of his goals is to encourage and promote opportunities for colleagues to engage in corporate social responsibility initiatives locally and give back to the Cayman community.

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