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Happy Holidays!

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

For youth service providers, the holiday season is not just a welcomed break proceeding a busy year of scheduled programming and events. It presents the much-needed time for re-charging and preparing for the New Year.

Often times, youth service providers spend these weeks envisioning and innovating; as they consider new opportunities to offer dynamic youth iniatives that will better connect with their schools, communities, churches and other organisations where youth are supported.

At the Youth Services Unit (YSU) we extend seasons greetings and thank you, our youth service providers, for your time spent steering our youth and enhancing their future. While you take care to enjoy the festive season with your family and friends; we want to express our sincere appreciation of all your efforts throughout the year, and those you will take in the new year to support our youth.


For the YSU Team, we envision that 2024 will be an excellent year to serve the youth of the Cayman Islands. We look forward to joining you in making these strides. Our team wishes you, your youth and the staff and volunteers of your organisations, a peaceful season filled with inspiration and hope.



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